Factory Automation Systems Designed to Increase Your Production Capacity & Profitability

Automation Systems

Elmech Automations develops, constructs, and supplies factory automation systems designed to help you produce and test components and products more efficiently than ever before.
We manufacture automation machines ranging from modular assembly cells to fully-automated assembly lines. We also build automated testing/inspection equipment including custom-integrated testing systems, stand-alone automatic test systems, and manual test benches.
Our automation systems fully integrate with production equipment in a wide range of manufacturing facilities ranging from automotive factories to clean rooms. Elmech technology products with other assembly equipment and testing/inspection systems to help streamline manufacturing processes.
The objective is always the efficient solution of a complex assembly problem. The challenge for us is therefore to use our extensive know-how and experience to develop solutions which will enable our customers to manufacture their product in an economical manner.
We spare no expense to fully understand the nuances of your product development lifecycle, your existing assembly equipment, and your overarching production goals. This enables us to design the perfect automated manufacturing solution to help you achieve your objectives and provide you with an impressive return on investment.
Every factory automation system we design, build, and implement strictly adheres to lean manufacturing principles. Regardless of your specific manufacturing operation, we can help you reduce inefficiencies, floor space, and production time while increasing your production capacity and profitability.
Beyond manufacturing systems, we are deeply versed in rotary assembly lines using Globoid Cam Indexers and motion control. We link production equipment, material handling systems, data collection, networking, and computer software and hardware into flexible, fully-automated solutions. With over 10 years of experience in automation engineering – and a 98% on-time delivery record over that period – you can be sure that no product assembly challenge or pain point is too large for us to streamline

Overview Of Elmech Automation Capabilities

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