Some Of Our Machinery

Sleeve & Insert Assembly

Child parts to be assembled: 1
No. Sleeve & 1 No. Insert
Cycle Time: 2.5 seconds/Assembly

Charger pin feeding machine

Input Parts: Charger pin- 2 Variants
Cycle Time: 14 seconds/Assembly

Seal Pressing and Stud tightening machine

Input Parts: Oil seal, Casting, Study
Cycle Time: 18 seconds/Assembly

Circlip Pressing Machine

Input Parts: Circlip,Motor,Gear wheel

Roof Bar Assembly Machine

Input Parts:Aluminium Bar, FR bracket LH/RH, RR bracket LH/RH, FR Cushion, RR Cushion, CTR Upper bracket, CTR Sliding member, Oblong foam, Rivekle, M5 Screws
Cycle Time: 40 seconds/Assembly

Adapter Pressing and Safe Launching station

Input Parts: Long stem Tulip

Auto tapping &
screwing machine
Input Parts: Mounting plate, Screw
Cycle Time: 2 seconds/Assembly