On the basis of our proven bowl drive, Elmech has developed a screw bowl feeder. The new standardized feeding system is suitable for nails, screws, rivets and bolts in various sizes and has a feeding rate of up to 100 parts per minute without singling & 50 parts per minute with singling.

The screw bowl feeder is designed to orient the components in desired orientation and single it and deliver it for the subsequent process.
For screws, nails, rivets, bolts, pins, studsHigh performance up to 50 parts/minuteAvailable as standard equipment
High Durability coating
Screw feeder size ranging from 200-300
Acoustic enclosure for silent operation
Proven nose design
High durable screw driver system

Elmech SFDS is designed to increase production while decreasing cycle time and labor costs. This is accomplished through attributes that provide for speed, reliability, and use of maintenance. In regards to speed, the system is very swift, delivering a screw to the jaw set in seconds. Because of its simplistic design, the system is also reliable and consistent, providing for virtually jam-free operation

The SFDS consists of :

Our SFDS is capable of feeding and fastening various types of screws (metric, self-threading, self-tapping, etc) with various types of head (countersunk, flat, oval, etc) and various types of imprint (slotted, cross-slotted, etc).

Vibratory bowl features and benefits

Fastening slide

Engineered for proper movement, the fastening slide ensures a proper stroke approach of the motor/screw to the component to be tightened. This provides high quality fastening of the assembled product to ensure all screws are properly fastened.

Nose piece and jaw set

The nose piece holds the screw blown from the bowl feeder and guides it toward the work piece, enabling the bit to engage the screw and fasten the components.


Specifically designed and manufactured for industrial automation and applications where high cycle times are required. These torque control products are sized dependent on application, type of joint, and fasteners